Zangofarm is a Registered Trust to promote Noble objects for the betterment of Urban Residents in India. Eminent public personalities are heading the trust in bangalore for the betterment of people like Agriculture Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Farmers etc are members of the Trust. The copy of Trust Deed can be obtained at www.dataisverified.in using the DV.No 56005500025820012016001 (Dataisverified Document No)  www.urbanveggy.com is joint venture of Gz Greensolutions and Urbanveggy Trust. The members of the sites are able avail discount for the products offered in shopping cart at http://www.vigash.in/shop/. The products are offered at the competitive price than the price quoted at www.amazon.in/www.snapdeal.com/www.flipkart.com/www.ebay..in.


Food plays important role in Health of Individual and wealth of Nation. The day to day rise in food contributed biggest challenge for the urban residents. We at www.zangofarm.com are trying our best to provide competitive price solution for the day to day problems faced by each and every individual. 


Todays food habits are also cause for lot of diseases and one need to understand the fact that Healthy food is the need of the hour and Pesticide Free Food is the need now. We are providing the best solution with the best technology for everyone. 


The solution is simple. We are providing the best technology to hassle free  maintain the plants in your Home. We are also providing buy back option for vegetables for selected category of members growing more than 100 plants using state of the technology and our plants.


The best part of the system is providing technical assistance to selected category members through mobile apps and we also have QRCODE solution to monitor the agricultural implement for knowing the weather situation/ Nutrient Requirement/Technical Assistance ETC.


Combined with latest technology and best maintenance support we are sure that one can grow the vegetables/flowers/herbs at his  home place.


We have also come with innovative solution for urban growers for providing agriculture land on rental basis at through away price for growing the plants and earning 100% tax free income. The solution works better for each and everyone. One can have the professional guidance/management/ capital contribution for their plan for growing plants.


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